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A Perfect Darkness – Andrew Lanyon

Book cover of 'A Perfect Darkness' by Andrew Lanyon

A Perfect Darkness is the latest short addition to Andrew’s Rowley series and available to download as a pdf here.

A year after the publication by an American institution of Vera’s paper on wisdom, she was approached by them regarding another of her ‘follies’. Follies is what for years The English Psychoanalytical Society (EPS) called every one of Vera’s papers. She learnt this from the Society’s secretary, Zelda, who also acted as Vera’s spy in that ‘Nest of Angst’, as she referred to the EPS.
‘Vera’s Follies’ is what the society had written over her pigeon hole in their London HQ. Whenever a new work arrived, this is where it was put and where it remained unread. As soon as there was a large enough pile, it was Zelda’s job to trip down into the basement and slide the lot into a tray of bleach, so the society could re-use the paper.

Written and published by Andrew Lanyon, illustrated by Debbie Prosser and Chris James. 2021.